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Early Mornings with Vogue and Elle

Chunky flower print socks, Vogue, and a chocolate, banana, and chia seed smoothie
I've been trying to get up a little earlier in the mornings in order to have time to read my favorite magazine issues of the year: the September issues! I have this thing where I refuse to skip ahead. I have to turn each page individually, look through each and every ad, and read every article as it comes along. Have you ever wondered why articles stop part way through the magazine, and then make you flip to the back to finish them? I've never fully understood it. 

This year Elle had some interesting articles. One was a true story about a trio of girlfriends in high school, the dynamics of female friendships, and how three is often company. The article was also about social media, the desire to "perform" and the disassociation that social media can often have on us psychologically. The report ended in a horrific murder. I finished the story upset and bewildered. 

Vogue this year contains a mini series of Paris essays by Grace Coddington and others. I haven't gotten to any of the editorials yet, but I remember Vogue's standout one from last year. It blew me away!! I talked about it for weeks. Both magazines have me excited for fall (no hard work there), and I've been tearing out images to redo my inspiration board for the season. Do you make inspiration boards? Mine tends to often double as a necklace display...less tangling that way.

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