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3rd Culture Style

Taku of 3rd Culture Style sent me this tee, and I love it! It's a great conversation starter...
tee c/o 3rd Culture Style / Photos by Devin

I figured remaining bare-faced for these photos would be a good homage to the phrase on my shirt. Have you ever had makeup play a direct roll in your confidence? A pimple, dark circles, bad habits; all there for every one to see. Confidence and ego are often different edges of the same sword, I have found. Confidence is what comes in spite of your circumstances; ego is often what will try to overlook them.

My ego is something that I have been confronting a lot lately. I recently just joined a gym, and my trainer warned me on the first day: "You have to remain in control. Remember to check your ego. Your ego is what will hurt you more than anything here at the gym." I'm sure it's obvious that I'm not wandering around with a huge inflated ego...but it's the little things like knowing what's best for my body and recovery, and not trying to push myself too far, too fast. It's knowing that I'm not anywhere near being ready for that 90 minute cycle class...but hoping that someday I might be. Too much ego will kill my recovery.

This shirt is by 3rd Culture Style, a brand that I met at the MVMNT Show, at MAGIC. Taku the founder of the brand, even has an acronym for his name: Try And Keep Up. His t-shirt designs such as the one I'm wearing, and his namesake became very popular on social media. This shirt has been a hit in my town too - I wore it this last weekend while hanging out with my local SWAT Team - they loved it. (There's a story there, but you'll have to head over to my Facebook page for it!) 

Fun fact: Taku named his brand 3rd Culture Style because of the 3 cultures that he grew up in: born in Osaka Japan, and raised in California and Hong Kong. Be sure to check out his brand!
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