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This weekend one of our mutual friends celebrated their one year anniversary of owning their own coffee shop. It's always inspiring to see other chasing their dreams and succeeding. I read a phrase a while back that said "If you don't work to make your dreams happen, you'll end up working to make someone else's dream happen." Or, something like that.

In many ways I feel as though I have given up on my dream of living in Paris. Not because I no longer want it, but more so because I have seen so many others do it. I have had several friends live a year or two, or more in Paris. In many ways I feel as though they have taken my dream and lived it for me. It's strange, but in the past I have often felt as if I needed a new goal or aspiration due to that. I have felt that chasing the Parisian dream of mine is a road too well paved by my acquaintances. I hope that with time that feeling will fade. However by then, it may be "too late". Whatever that may mean. Life happens when you're busy making plans! 

Lush top & jacket // Willow & Clay skirt, c/o
There is so much to see and do in this world. I have often felt frustrated with myself because I sometimes feel as though I can feel my world becoming smaller. I get so caught up in the world of social media, nuances with work, etc that I often forget to stop dreaming and to start doing. Here's to hoping that the upcoming year will be filled with more doing than dreaming!

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