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Faerie Magazine and Katerina Plotnikova

photo: Katherina Plotnikova
photo: Katherina Plotnikova
I made the most wonderful discovery yesterday: Faerie Magazine. Have you heard of it? It reminds me a lot of my other favorite read in that it is sharp, smart, and incredibly beautiful to read. What had caught my eye was the stunning cover (see above). I am convinced that light blue was made for redheads. The photograph was taken by the immensely talented photographer Katerina Plotnikova in a chamomile field in Siberia. Seeing as I am obsessed with Russian landscapes, laying in a field of flowers in the vast mysterious no mans land that is Siberia enchants me even more.


Discovering both the magazine and Katherina Plotnikova in one evening feels like a great awakening for me. I have felt for a while that there was no 'enchantment' left. Even with the holidays approaching I felt more dread that glee. Perhaps that has a lot to do with the fact that my grandfathers death happened around this time last year, and that I work in retail. But Faerie Magazine and photographer Katherina Plotnikova have both brought such an excited awakening to me. These photos are filled with so much gentleness and magical awareness that I find it hard to look away. In simple words, they make me happy. I hope they do the same for you.

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