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Plaid Babydoll Dress

Last January my boyfriend and I visited Paris for two weeks. I had never stayed in the city for so long during the winter, and it gave me a whole new appreciation for wearing shades of blacks, browns, and greys. Before I had always sought brighter colors for the winter; everything else was already dull and grey- why not dress brightly to cheer up your surroundings?

Soon after returning from my Paris trip I purchased this coat on clearance. It was simple, black, and chic. For weeks following my return (which had started with my time in Paris), I wore a lot of black and brown. I remember my friend Crystal telling me that it was strange for her to see me in so much black. "It's not you!" she said. 

People who wear all black all the time fascinate me. I know that some say that it just makes getting dressed easier - but that cannot be. Have you ever tried wearing all black? Not all shades of black are the same; there is green-black, blue-black, "vintage" black...And you never quite know which is which until you put the two shades side by side. Plus if you own pets you have worry about pet dander, lint, and whatever else non-black particle you will pick up. How does Karl Lagerfeld wear as much black as he does and own a white cat?!

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