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Sonoma Farmer's Market

The farmer's markets are one of my favorite things about living here in Sonoma County. Farms, diary, and fresh produce are never too far away. SoCo takes pride in that almost everything you could want from cheese, milk, corn, beef, beer and wine, to fresh and organic fruits and veggies are all grown and made here locally. 

Some markets, like the downtown Farmer's Market are seasonal, while others are available all year round. Over the years my boyfriend and I have found our favorite markets to go to, and have made friends with local companies. When my friend and fellow blogger Azu told me about her farmers market, I wanted to attend! I've been living in this county for years, but had never been the Sonoma Downtown Market. 

Jacket & top: Lush // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Miista // Purse: Coach 

The weather here has been all over the place lately; Monday it was 100F (!) Wednesday it rained, and this morning there was a low misty fog. I remember when I first moved here I used to stress out about the weather and what I felt like it should be doing. Finally after 6+ years of living here I've learned that this area with it's valleys and close proximity to the beach, the weather is something that has a mind and will of it's own. 

Thank you Azu for the photos!

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