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Inspiration: Crop Top

What if I told you that you could wear a crop top to the office? What would your initial reaction be? Probably very similar to mine: a raise of the eyebrows. I know I have mentioned it before, but at my previous job I could wear whatever I wanted to work; a bikini top under a sheer blouse was totally acceptable, and I loved it. Now I work in an office with all of three people, two of which are men (and I'm the third person)...It's pretty safe to say my style has adjusted because of it (which caused a bit of a stir). 

 I love this work outfit inspiration for 3 big reasons:
  • It's got florals
  • It has bright colors
  • It breaks the rules
 I am a huge sucker for a floral print! I love that this one is feminine without being too girly, and also has an unusual print of pansies. I also love a lot of color: and red is a powerful one. The high waist pencil skirt has great length to it, is office friendly, and also allows for a crop top without showing any midriff. The mega bonus? I've found two that are both under $50!
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