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Cat eye sunglasses and lady-like skirts are what I have been gravitating towards lately. With my new job I have been experiencing a bit of a wardrobe adjustment. For the last 7 years or so, I have worked exclusively with women. The only men I ever came into contact with during my work day was perhaps a bewildered husband or two, and the UPS delivery guy. With my new job I am the only woman in the office. I have found that more thought and planning now goes into my outfits as a result. Even my makeup has changed - where I would normally feel free to experiment with a bright lip color or even false eye lashes, I now wear more neutral and natural tones.

In a way I embrace the adjustment. At my previous job I would on occasion feel somewhat listless with the direction that my personal style was headed in. Or rather I felt stuck. I knew that I wanted my style to gravitate towards lady-like and more refined but often felt that my wardrobe was pulled in several different directions. I would struggle with trying to consolidate the style that I saw in my minds-eye, and what I saw in my closet. 

I know that personal style is a journey. Part of me marvels at those who have been able to clearly define their style and stick to it season after season, year after year. Whereas for me I never know what what sartorial cocktail my wardrobe will produce. My new job has proved to be inspirational in helping me define more of what I hope my style to be. I hope that I can continue to foster this style journey; I'm excited to see where it takes me.

Top: Olive and Oak // Skirt and Clutch: Forever 21 // Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana // Shoes: Shelly's London

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