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Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme Spring Review


It's no secret by now that the matte lipstick trend has been in full swing for quite some time now; Kylie Jenner it seems has single-handedly propelled the trend into epic proportions. (And speaking of which, have you seen her new shimmer mattes?)

I was invited to review the new spring colors from the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme collection, and I am so excited to own these. However before proceeding, I feel that I should be completely honest about something; I'm not a matte lipstick fan. As a matter of fact, I've never been a fan of any matte makeup; I like things on my face to appear youthful, dewy, and dare I say that word that everyone hates...moist. That being said, these matte cremes have made me a cautious believer.

Matte products tend to dehydrate skin/lips and will show any and every imperfection, especially dry skin. Therefore it is imperative to make sure your lips are properly buffed and moisturized before applying a matte lipstick! However as I discovered, matte lip colors do have their benefits as well; one, they make your lips appear fuller. Two, have you ever attempted to wear lip gloss on a windy day? That reason alone is valid enough to give matte lip color a try!

For my review I was sent three colors: Devotion, Sweetheart, and Flame. All three have this amazing vanilla-butterscotch-cake scent to them, which I love. I know that some don't always appreciate when lip products have an overly strong scent, but this one fades while the product dries. All colors were very densely pigmented, and all photos are of one application. Overall, I really enjoyed these lip colors. I have found that I feel comfortable wearing them as long as I moisturize my lips before applying the product, and that my lips really "pop" against a dewy makeup look. Read my review of each color below and then tell me your thoughts!


Devotion is described as a deep, true red (with blue undertones). It's vegan, and my favorite, as I am a sucker for any good red lip color. I like the idea of a matte red lip color being worn in spring/summer. To me it is both unexpected, and classic at the same time.


Sweetheart is described as a bright fuchsia, and bright it is! You could signal alien lifeforms from outer space with this color, and that it totally fine by me. Visit me aliens...I have so much to share. I am especially excited about this color for spring, because I see it going so well with casual denim pieces and crisp white linen for day, and working well in the evening with a chic black and white ensemble. This color is also vegan. 


Flame is described as an orange red, and really, there's no better way to describe the color. It's bright, vibrant, and out of the three, this one went on the most even as far as color pigmentation. In person it's mesmerizing to look at; truly a beautiful color. It's a one that my high school self would have gravitated towards, and would have proudly rocked any day of the week. This..is not listed as vegan. 

Tips for wearing matte lip color: 
  • Moisturize your lips before applying. A good balm that is beeswax based would be great for this. Perhaps apply to your lips at the beginning of your makeup routine, and blot off before applying your Milani Amore Matte Creme lip color
  • Allow for dry time. Matte lip colors need time to 'set'. So while they may apply easily, and may perhaps seem a little bit watery in consistency, remember that they do need a little extra time to set and become matte. I.E.: don't rub your lips together until the lip color is set!
  • The Milani Amore Mattes all leave a beautiful stain on the lips when they wear off. And while it certainly looks beautiful, just remember to be extra careful when applying the color!
  • Coconut oil will be your best friend when it comes to removing your matte lip color.
Online, these retail for $9, or you can purchase them at Walgreens, or anywhere that Milani cosmetics are sold. Have you tried these? I saw that they have some nude colors as well, which I bet would be beautiful all year round.  

Happy Thursday!
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