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I first discovered this fountain mural on Instagram; which I will admit was a little surreal because I frequent this park all the time, and hadn't noticed the change! If this art looks familiar, it's because Bud Snow and her work has been featured on A Mused previously. Her murals are all over town; they can be seen from the Highway 12 overpass, outside of Atlas coffee, and in Julliard park. 

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amber lucas amused blog sosatography

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to leggings: those that wear leggings as pants, and those who insist that it is never ok to wear them as such. As for me, I think I've formulated my own personal rule; as long as the crotch-seam and my derriere are covered, I believe it's perfectly acceptable to wear leggins as pants. My argument is that most denim companies nowadays sell jeans that are essentially leggings already: with 2% spandex or more, and created to be worn tight, skinny jeans basically look like a glorified legging. Plus, leggings are comfortable, and tend to not get baggy in the knees like jeans do (and baggy-in-the-knee jeans never look cute!). I like that my Spanx leggings (last seen here) add a bit of cool edge to my look. 

My sweater is a long time favorite of mine, designed and created by my friend Kathryn McCarron. I own 3 or 4 pieces of hers, and they are on constant rotation. They make getting dressed so effortless, and always give off a relaxed, effortlessly chic vibe. Plus, any time I can leave the house in a soft knitted material, leggings, comfortable shoes, and still wear a touch of lace and look put together/presentable, is a major win my book!

OluKai, a brand that I have featured previously on A Mused, was kind enough to send a pair of Pehuea slip-ons for spring/summer. I love the color! They're super comfortable and soft, and the color is bright enough to add interest to a simple outfit. Again, I'm keeping things classic and effortless this spring, and these Pehuea slides fit the bill perfectly. 

Happy Monday loves! Be sure to check back this Thursday for a spring makeup feature!

Update: for spring there is now a Spanx Cropped Legging

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