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Inner Beauty: 3 Supplements for Healthy Glowing Skin

When taking care of your skin, supplements are a great place to start. I am a firm believer that for the best skin, treatment needs to start from within. For a list of supplements that I take on a daily basis and why, continue reading below. As a common sense precaution, should you be unsure about any of these products, or how they may affect your health, please be sure to consult your physician first! Now, on to my glowing skin regimen:

Hyaluronic acid and sea buckthorn
Hyaluronic acid may sound scary because of the word acid, but it is actually a humectant, which means it is water binding and attracts moisture. It is naturally found in the body, is mainly known for it's lubrication of the joints, and is part of connective tissue. Sports players and those suffering from joint and tissue damage will take hyaluronic acid to aid in lubrication. Due to it's water loving nature, HA does wonders for plumping the skin, aiding in its moisture content, and can strengthen the outer layers of skin (also known as the skin barrier). Damage to the outer layers of skin can be caused by sun exposure, acne, and rosacea, and hyaluronic acid supplements will aid in plumping the skin, resulting in a smoother texture. It can also be applied topically. I swear by this product.

When I first heard about sea buckthorn, I honestly thought it was a type of sea weed. Turns out it's actually a berry! Sea buckthorn is a berry that can be turned into a topical oil, or may be taken interally for benefits. It is known for its high vitamin C content, omega 7, and high vitamin E levels. Loaded with antioxidants, it is often used topically to heal burns and promote rapid healing for damaged skin. Taken internally it helps prevent acne and promotes healthy digestion.

The supplement I take: Olly Vibrant Skin. This product provides 120 mg of hyaluronic acid, and 50mg of sea buckthorn. It may also be found at Target.

Evening Primrose oil, 3000mg
Evening primrose oil has been heralded as one the best discoveries since vitamin C. Extensive studies have been done on the oil, and a long, long list of benefits have come about as a result. Several of the benefits include: hair loss prevention (at 1000mg a day with results being seen in just 6 weeks), hormone regulation, PMS symptom reduction, migraine prevention, firming of the skin, overall improvement of skin elasticity, and the prevention of brittle nails and hair. The list goes on and on. Truth be told, I originally started on the oil to assist in the regulation of my moods during PMS. Upon further research, I discovered that this also benefited my skin as well! I take 3 capsules (at a 1000mg each) a day, preferably with a meal.

I take: Target brand evening primrose oil, 1000mg, 3 times daily.

To learn more about my Daily Skincare Routine, click here. 

Hair, skin, and nails supplement
While it may seem a little redundant to take yet another supplement that addresses my skin, I actually take this product more so because of my hair. Natural hair can sometimes feel like it takes forever to grow: but that is because it grows in a spiral motion, rather than just a downward one. I first discovered The Mane Choice Manetabolism products through Instagram several years ago. After months of reading reviews and watching testimonials on YouTube I decided to give the product a try. Within two months I noticed significant hair growth, but also a surge in acne. I knew to expect this due to the reviews, and so I was able to counter the acne with a basic multivitamin. (Tip; purchase a children's multivitamin - they're cheaper. And while they're lower in their daily dose of vitamins, it won't matter if you are eating a reasonably healthy diet.) After just two weeks of adding the multivitamin, I had crystal clear skin, and hair that was growing at rate that I could see a noticeable difference in. Combined with the healthy benefits of the evening primrose oil, the hair I am now growing is healthier and stronger than ever. My nails also grow at an alarming rate, and I file them down weekly.

I take: The Mane Choice Manetabolism, 2 capsules daily

Final thoughts
The key with supplements is to remain consistent. Results won't be seen overnight, and it can sometimes be frustrating to spend money on a product and not see the benefits right away. We live in a society where everything happens quickly. With supplements, it takes time. However, do not get discouraged. Remaining faithful in taking each supplement daily (or several times a day), know that you will see results in about 2-4 months. You are worth the time and effort that supplements require - so enjoy the process!

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