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How to: Create a Gallery Wall in Your Home

Gallery walls are a favorite decor feature of mine. Having a personalized space set aside for a display of fond memories, love, destinations, and discoveries is what truly takes a house (or apartment) and turns it into a home.

Gallery walls do not have to be hard. I mean they certainly can be a challenge, but really they don't have to be. With brands that print and mail your images to you, setting up a beautiful gallery wall in your home can be a breeze. Let's get started.

Choose a theme
Choosing a theme for your gallery wall is important. Will it be a wall of black and white images? A curated collection of snaps from your favorite travel destinations? Family photos?  Fine art? Or will you create a theme through the use of color? There are several ways to go about defining a cohesive theme for your wall, so don't be afraid to think outside the box.

You may find that collecting the perfect set of images may take longer than anticipated. It will take time. If you are a photographer, try dedicating a weekend or two per month to carrying your camera with you, to capture new and unique images. Or try frequenting antique or flea markets for frames and interesting art.

Create Unity
A great way to unite an assortment of images is to match the frames in the same color or tone. I chose black and white frames for most of my images, with a couple glass photos to give the wall a more modern, less uniform look. I also threw in a gold heart shaped frame because - who likes to be predictable? (Also, it really works with the warmth of the image above it!)

Create lines of visual interest
The first rule of art is that there is no rule. Kidding. Art always - even post modern art - has rules. Arguably the most important rule of art (and the same applies for gallery walls) is to keep the eye interested for as long as possible. The longer you are able to keep the eye on the subject, the more interesting it becomes. A gallery wall is a visual centerpiece for the room that it's in, and it is also a compliment to its surrounding decor. Meaning, the display wall should add to your decor theme, not take away from it. This is why step one, choosing your theme, is so important.

So how do you create lines of visual interest? Balance. Decide where the larger images should hang, and balance them out with either strategic spacing, or several other smaller images.

Get Creative
There's no rule that says gallery walls have to be framed images only - try incorporating floating bookshelves, high quality glass photos, mirrors, or even articles of clothing, such as a hat. The most important part of a gallery wall is that it reflects your tastes and style as authentically as possible.


Now to get started

My beautiful Fracture glass photo

Create your layout
This can be done in several ways; if you aren't the type of person to plan or organize, and prefer to approach everything with a touch of whimsy and happenstance, just go for it. If you are the polar opposite and prefer to plan everything with expert know how, and prefer to 'measure twice, cut once' I suggest tracing the online of the frames you plan to hang on brown paper, cutting them out, and arranging them on the wall before hanging any image. If you're like me, you will casually arrange them on the floor to get a feel for how you'd like to things to look.

Get out the hammer and nails
Start with the larger images first. This will assist you in framing your project. Be sure to check for studs in the wall, and hang the heaviest items where those are located. There is an app that makes this super simple.

Hang your gallery!
The very best part! After the time spent collecting your images, deciding your color palette and theme, and bringing together all the uniqueness that is uniquely you (we all need a little Dr. Seuss in our lives), you are finally ready to bring your gallery wall to life. Once hung, pour yourself a glass of wine and invite your friends over to admire your new decor.

Can't wait to get started on your own gallery wall? Be sure to check out the Fracture.me site to get even more inspiration! Fracture print your images directly on to glass in bright vivid color, and deliver them ready to hang right out of the box (they even provide the screw!). Just order, un-box, and hang. It's that simple. Once you've got your gallery wall up, be sure to send me photos of your project! 

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