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3 smart and simple ways to feel more confident

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3 smart and simple ways to feel more confident

We’re only two months into 2017 and last year’s ultimate girl boss, Ashley Graham, is already killing it. She's a sassy and confident international supermodel, her photos have been popping up everywhere.  One of the many reasons we love her because knows how to help women feel more confident in their bodies. Last week she posted an unfiltered bikini pic to Instagram, proudly stating that she wasn’t ashamed to show off her cellulite - and rightfully so!

She’s won legions of fans by sharing these kinds of confidence-boosting truths about the female body, and now she’s even penned a book, A New Model. We’re all sure it’ll reveal some of her secrets to looking and feeling good, but sadly there’s still a long seven-month wait until it’s finally released.
So you can get started on improving your self-confidence now, I'm sharing a few of my own top tips: 

Try something new
Why not try mixing up your style? There are lots of super fun styles to play with this season. From statement sleeves to '70's style dresses and off-the-shoulder tops that your favourite shop is currently full of, there is plenty of opportunity to experiment.
Changing up your style is fun, but can also seem challenging. The trick is to start small. Pair a dramatic sleeve with a skin-tight mini or brave those daring over-the-knee boots for a chilled-out girl’s night in with your girlfriends. If you'd rather leave your closet as is, why not try a new brunch spot in town, or that recipe on Pinterest you've been eying?

Embrace your body
For lots of us, we can get caught up in our day to day routines. We forget to take care of ourselves, and often end up stressed as a result. Taking time to look at ourselves - without critique or harsh words, is an important part to de-stressing. Taking the time to appreciate who we are is both beautiful and important!
Start by establishing daily self-care pampering habits that’ll help you get comfortable in your own skin. Take time to give yourself quiet time throughout the day, start that book you've always wanted to read, and change your exercise routine for a rush of mood-boosting endorphins.

Challenge yourself
Confidence isn’t all about looks. Feeling good about your abilities, your lifestyle, and your opinions is just as important as feeling happy with your appearance. Breaking free of your comfort zone can be terrifying, but it’s also a great way of challenging yourself to do better.
Whether it’s starting a new job you’ve got zero experience in or heading solo to a party filled with strangers (which I have done!), do something that makes you nervous. The sense of achievement that will hit you afterwards will have your confidence soaring.

Who else is joining in with Ashley Graham’s body confidence revolution? What are your secrets to feeling good? Leave a comment and let me know.
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