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5 Ways to Incorporate Menswear Into Your Wardrobe

Photo by: Daniel Horvath, shot at Pitti Uomo Men's Fashion Week 2017

Menswear on women is not necessarily about being edgy or androgynous, or about making a statement (although it can also be all of these things). It is simply the freedom of having new ways to express yourself through your outfits. Hence, wearing traditionally male attire is truly for anybody, so don't you dare shy away. In honor of Men's Fashion Week, here are a few key pieces that even the most feminine dresser will enjoy playing around with:

Oxford Shoes
This is pretty much a staple for most preppy gals out there. Whether we owe it to Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars or to British school uniforms, the classic leather lace-up is here to stay. Not only do the Oxfords give you a polished look and vintage flair, but they are also comfy, versatile and can be worn year-round. Basically, in any style situation where you can wear sneakers, you could trade them for brogues. They are equally cute with both skirts and pants. For the office, Oxfords are a great replacement for heels, since they are much more comfortable, but equally work-appropriate. For a night out try a pair in an unexpected color, or style with an extra feminine dress. You will find brogues make your legs look amazing!

Structured leather bag, such as a Briefcase
Men are simpler creatures when it comes to accessorizing. Take a cue from  the boys and swap your overflowing tote bag for a structured bag that actually has enough compartments for all of your stuff. Choose a classic color, such a warm cognac, or a rich burgundy, for a dash of edginess. Of course, you can't really put a briefcase over an evening dress, but consider making the switch for your work bag. Trust me, apart from making you look cool and stylish, it will also make your life easier.

You can't have an article on menswear that does not mention them. The classic tailored blazer is a way to instantly add polish to your ensemble. Not only does it make your outfit structured and professional, but it also has a great way of highlighting your feminine shape. Don't shy away from belting it and wearing it as a shirt either --- this is a combo that definitely helps create that gorgeous hourglass look.  For a bit of a vintage vibe, choose a fitted check or striped blazer. Most of those come in a thicker material, such as wool, and can also be used as outerwear. For evening wear, there are so many sparkly, fun blazers to complement your look. Try a velvet one --- after all the fabric has made a comeback!

Photo by: Daniel Horvath, shot at Pitti Uomo Men's Fashion Week 2017

Photo by: Daniel Horvath, shot at Pitti Uomo Men's Fashion Week 2017

Oversized jackets and sweatshirts
Even if you don't have a boo to steal them from, men's jackets and sweatshirts are just the warm, cozy thing to add to your outfits. Depending on the piece you can have a lot of different styling options. For instance, baseball jackets tend to pair well with boyfriend jeans and heels (for a bit of femininity in this otherwise very casual and masculine look), but they also look bomb with dressy dresses. Same goes for military-style jackets and leather jackets. A general rule of thumb is the more oversized the item is, the bigger the need for something tighter and more feminine underneath to balance it out. That being said, you can also go all out with a full outfit of oversized items if you have the confidence to pull it off. As for sweatshirts, I find they look particularly cool over a fitted skirt or embellished jeans. If you are looking to add some structure, try rolling up the sleeves, or even belting them.

Photo Credit: Kate Romano 

Pant Suits
Women in suits are no longer only seen in very formal office environments. In fact, you can spot a lot of suited up ladies at red carpets, events and even in day-to-day situations. There is something about that infamous jacket and trousers combo that instantly reminds you of the girlboss you are. Make sure it fits you well, maybe even get it tailored, and go out to rock it. A useful tip is that slimmer pants hemmed around the ankle look more flattering. Also, try to keep it simple at first. A structured dark-blue suit will help you ease into the style. If the shirt is not warm enough for you, you can also put a turtleneck underneath. Once you feel comfortable with the classic suit, play around as much as you want --- you can get bright and quirky blazers, pair the suit up with a graphic tee, go wild on accessories. The look is way more versatile than you expect.

Photo credit: Sosatography

Bonus: The simple T-shirt
Sometimes less is more. If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to start adding menswear-inspired pieces to your outfits, start off with a plain cotton tee from the male section. Roll up the sleeves, throw a cute necklace and heels and you got yourself a shirt dress. Or simply put it over a pair of really well-fitting jeans for the ultimate effortlessly chic look.

When it comes to fashion, one of the best things about our time is that we have more confidence and creative freedom than ever. Menswear is just one of the many options women today have for their outfits. So embrace your inner femme feroce and start experimenting with style!

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