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Natural Hair: 3 Tips to Find A Stylist You'll Love

How to Find A Natural Hair Stylist You'll Love

You guys, I love my hair. Like, I truly love it! I love that people recognize me because of it: "Oh I knew that was you! Can't miss those curls!" I love that I can use it as a pillow while traveling, and that when I'm stuck in traffic I can use my curls to create a faux mustache and make myself giggle. That being said, my naturally curly hair does come with its challenges - such as that one rogue curl that is the exact same length as all my other curls, somehow always manages to hang about one inch lower than everything else (why??), or all the time I spend detangling my hair, when really, I just want to spend my free time watching PLL reruns.

And as much as I love my curly hair and all its versatility, I think one of the most challenging situations for me is finding someone I trust to shape and trim it. It seems that so many cuts that I have had in the past have ended the same: I leave disappointed, and my hair is 8 inches shorter than I had hoped (see this before and after from a couple years ago).

As a result, I get stuck in a frustrating cycle: I search for a new stylist, tell them what I want, leave with my curls just below my ears, cry, return year or so later (after recovering length) for a trim, again leave with my hair much shorter than hoped for, and begin the search for a new stylist once again. #TheStruggleisReal 

With the boom of natural hair celebration (hurray!), the rise of the Naturalista Influencer, and the booming market of curly hair products, I easily get lost in the shuffle of what I want for my hair. What I do know is that I want my curly hair to be big, long, and defined. I want it healthy and shiny - and I also want it manageable. And to have all of those things, I need the foundation of a really, really good cut, and a stylist whom I can trust. We all do. And with trust comes great communication skills.

For great tips on how to find a curly hair stylist that you can trust, and how communicate with your stylist so that you may leave happy, I have teamed up with Curly Hair Specialist, Quinn Bishop. Quinn knows how to work a curl, and below she has shared valuable tips on how you too can find a curly hair specialist! Read her tips below. Then, be sure to check back later in the week for a step-by-step process on my DevaCurl curl-by-curl hair shaping session with her!

browsing through Natural Hair pinterest board with stylist

girl receiving natural curly hair cut

Tips for finding a hairstylist
  • Don't be afraid to ask & compliment; It's always appropriate to stop strangers at the grocery store and compliment them on their fantastic hair and ask for their hairstylist!
  • Browse the Instagram hashtag #yourcityhair to find a stylist with your style, and then stalk their social media, website, and Yelp reviews. (Be sure to check reviews on NaturallyCurly.com too!)
  • Set up consultations with you top 3 contenders and see who you vibe best with.
 How to communicate with your stylist
  • Remember we stylists are artsy folk with a short attention span, we are easily distracted by shiny objects and cute boots! So keep it short and simple when describing what you'd like.
  • We are visual people show us pictures, just keep it realistic to your hair texture, density, and your styling routine. If you're super organized, create a Pinterest Board of your favorite looks and styles
  • If we say "no" trust us, you don't want it! 
  • Talk about what you love about your hair, and what's not working. 
  • Make sure your stylist knows your personal style, how much effort your willing to put into styling and lifestyle. 
  • You know your hair best, you have been rocking it for all these years, so let your stylist know all the intricacies of your locks. 
  • Don't bag on your old stylist, we will assume you will do the same to us. 

So there you have it! Now that you are armed with confidence on how to find a natural hair stylist you will love, get out there an go find one! Be sure to check back to A Mused as I will shortly have a curl-by-curl hair cut video done in collaboration with Quinn Bishop to share, as well as additional tips on maintaining your perfect new cut.

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