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Introducing: Clarins 3 Dot Liner

Clarins 3 Dot Liner

While packing for Cuba (more on that later!), I was able to bring with me a brand new beauty product from Clarins, called the 3 Dot Liner. It's a clever little product, and I have become quite obsessed with it's ease of use, and multi-functionality.

The Clarins 3 Dot Liner is likely to be unlike any eye liner you have ever seen before: rather than one single application tip like all other liners, this one is 3 tiny liners in one, created specifically to fill in the gaps between your lashes creating a fuller lash line. The liner is also specially formulated to help maintain and grow healthier lashes (although, it is not formulated to stimulate lash growth - but rather to keep them healthy).

When it comes to my makeup looks, I prefer a natural look with fresh, dewy skin, highlighter (I like to use the "strobing" technique), and boosted lashes. In the past a frustration of mine was not being able to get my lashes lined in the way I wanted: I wanted the liner in the lash line, but usually ended up with a mess, which then led me to use makeup remover, hence ruining the rest of my makeup. What I love with the Clarins 3 Dot Liner is how effortless it now is to not only fill in the gaps between my lashes and create a full and voluminous lash line, but keep them healthy too. My results are beautifully full lash line, an evenly applied liner, and lashes that are on their way to being as healthy as they can be.

It can be easy to over look the health of our lashes - but they actually take a lot of tugging and pulling throughout the day - when we wash our faces, the washcloth fibers can pull on them. In the shower the water can cause a lot of strain on them, as well as the application and removal of eye makeup. It can take up to 6 months to fully grow an eyelash, so it is important to keep them! With this 3 Dot Liner there is no need to tug or press on the eye or lashes: simply dot the applicator just under, and within the lashes to create a fuller look. The results are a fuller lash line, and it's so easy to do!

To see the process and results, follow along below: 

To apply:
Simply apply the liner just below your lashes, angling up into your lash line. Dot and gently wiggle the applicator into the gaps between your lashes. The applicator is soft and flexible, making it effortless to apply to the product. No need to pull or tug on your eye or lashes!

Before and after:
Can you tell which eye has been lined? My eye in the left of this photo has been lined with the Clarins 3 Dot Liner. Notice how my lashes have a naturally fuller look to them, without appearing overly done. I love that! 

Close up details of the applicator:

My full beauty look, without mascara:

I truly love how natural the results are, and I love that the more often I use the product, the healthier my lashes will be! It's a total win-win for me. It also washes off quite easily with a gentle facial cleanser. And as a testament to the staying power of this 3 Dot Liner: it held up through all day travel, sweat, and explorations while in Cuba! Cuba is a very warm and humid climate, and I did not have any issue with it smearing under my eyes.

I hope you will give this product a try, as I am truly impressed!

Please note: this post was sponsored by Clarins. However all photos, opinions, and review are my own, and are a true representative of my thoughts, and feelings towards this product. If you have any questions about my review process, or the products and brands I selectively choose to work with, please do not hesitate to ask!
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