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Transitioning your Curly Hair Routine For Fall

Fall is here! Autumn is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons: warm apple cider, evenings curled up with a good book, and crisp, foggy mornings. With the changing of seasons we often transition our wardrobes for cooler months by adding layers and scarves. Our curls and styling products also need to transition from summer to fall. Check out these curly hair rituals that you can use to make transitioning your curly hair routine for fall an easy task.

Out with the old…
Take the time to organize your hair products. If the products have exceeded their expiration date, it’s time to throw it away. Pack away the lighter products that you tend to use in the summer months. Now is the perfect time to bring out the deeply nourishing hair butters and oils, as they will seal in moisture, and keep curls healthy and hydrated.

In with the new…
It’s time to switch your hair products. Take out or purchase the products that you use in the colder months. These products are often creamer and have sealing oils (such as coconut and caster) and will provide a protective seal for your curls. In my regimen, my fall time products are often water based with a plenty of moisturizing features. Think creamy curl lotions, the LOC (or LCO) method of applying products, and satin sleeping caps (or pillowcases). Get a jump start on your winter hair routine by checking out my Guide to Long Lasting Moisture During the Winter Months.

Schedule a trim
Say goodbye to those dead ends! The summer months can be harsh on curls. The warm weather, chlorine from the pool, and salty ocean water can leave curls dry and dull, which can cause damage. The constant friction from ponytails, etc. can also cause damage on those ends. Schedule a trim with your stylist to maintain the health of your hair. Getting a trim does not have to be dreadful! If you need to trim more than expected, there are plenty of hair cuts that choose from that are stylish and make you feel great. Nervous about how to best communicate with your stylist to get the cut or trim you actually want? Read my post on 3 Tips to Find a Stylist You'll Love.


You will not need smoothies for this detox. If you noticed that your hair is weighed down from the use of heavy products and butters, try giving your curls a detox. Go a few days without applying those heavy products in your hair. To clarify both your scalp and hair, try adding a DIY apple cider vinegar rinse or clay hair mask to your regimen. Detoxing will assist with removing product build-up and is a perfect way to give your curls a fresh start for the fall.

Developing a weekly, or even bi-weekly moisturizing treatment for your hair is super important in keeping it healthy. It doesn't need to be a long arduous ordeal, but consistency is key. It can be as quick as a 3 Minute Moisture treatment in the shower, a daily scalp massage with stimulating oils and herbs, or a pre-shampoo oil treatment before you hop in the shower.
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