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This holiday season is flying by for me; I'm personally still in "autumn" mode, but given that we are already into the second week of December, it's time for me to switch gears! A lot has happened since I last posted here, and I have so much to catch you up on; a lot you may know (with the news of the area), but there have been so many changes, that I couldn't possibly catch you up in one post. One thing I must say though: I have a lot to be thankful for. They say that "it's always darkest before the dawn", and that "joy comes in the morning". Joy also comes from having super cute shoes while having happy, comfortable feet (feel free to quote me on that).

Joy to me is so many things: from the big to the small, I have so much to celebrate this season.
I have moved back to Santa Rosa (hurray!) and can now walk to work. It's amazing. It's a fantastic way to get my 10,000 steps in per day, and it gets me outdoors and into fresh air on a regular basis. I have a beautiful vista that I get to look across every morning when I leave my new home. Some mornings the fog is settled into the valley, and I can see the tops of the trees pointing through the clouds. The sunsets on my walks home are rich in pinks, oranges, and yellows.

Increased walking means that sometimes I have to plan ahead and pack my shoes for the day in my bag, and wear my walking shoes on my way to the office and change them when I get there - not too much of a hassle. Some of my shoes are so comfortable that I don't need to worry about the distance; such as my Rockport Total Motion ones (and I have several!). I can wear them throughout the day in total comfort. I can trek up and down the hills of both Fountaingrove and San Francisco, and be just fine. Although - in all honesty I wouldn't ever recommend wearing heels up and down the hills of Fountaingrove; there are these trees that drop these berry-looking like things, and if you step on a pile of them you will go sailing, even in sneakers!

To add to my list of joys, I am so happy to say that amidst the chaos that was the Nuns Fire, Tubbs Fire, and eventually the Complex Fires, my home and office both survived. The fire came right up to my bedroom window, swirled the building, melted the sprinkler system, and left, racing down the hill at speeds upwards of 70 mph, swept through my office parking lot (melting the tires of our company car), blew out a window, torched all the greenery, melted the trash cans and office awning, but managed to leave the building in tact. It's incredible. I know that many have lost the unimaginable. I am among the lucky.

I have learned to find joy in the smallest of things: from the beautiful patterns of frost on a frozen leaf in the morning, to the perfect cup of English Breakfast tea with just the right amount of sugar and cream, to the beautiful foggy days I am able to spend in San Francisco, working on projects that I am passionate about. There is much joy to be shared this season.

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