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Two Nights Stay at The Astro Motel

Stepping on to the property at The Astro Motel is like stepping into a time capsule that is both Modern and Contemporary at the same time; if Solange and Italian designer Giancarlo Piretti had a whimsical affair, The Astro would be their lovechild. With decor that ranges from playful to heartwarming (my king suite bedroom featured an inspiring series of quotes on a hardwood strip in the flooring), along with freshly baked goods delivered from the Spinster Sisters restaurant every morning, The Astro Motel is a fantastic place to be.

The Astro Motel was originally built in 1963. Over the past few decades, the property passed through several owners and gradually fell from grace within the community. Locals are likely to remember it as an area of illicit activity, as it once made headlines as an "hourly hotel". Well my dears, not anymore! Locals and out-of-town visitors will now know The Astro as a hip, colorful, and vibrant addition to the community.

In 2017, the members of the team that built The Spinster Sisters restaurant (located just around the corner from the Motel) acquired the Astro property. They wanted to play their part in the further development of the Juilliard Park neighborhood (referred to as SOFA by the locals). The SOFA neighborhood while small, is bustling with creatives ranging from photographers, painters, quirky bakeries, and a colorful character uniquely its own. It's one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Santa Rosa; part grit, and 2 parts art, it's everything I love to be part of. The SOFA neighboorhood also contains 4 of my favorite restaurants within a 2 block radius.

Those who love interior design will appreciate that each of the rooms is uniquely furnished with mid-century modern pieces from the 1960's: a nod to the decade the Astro was built. Many of the items, such as the wood headboard, concrete sinks, and the Astro sign itself were created by local artists and craftsmen. The Astro it seems, is a celebration of all things local. To further enhance a guests' visit, those who fall in love with an item, or piece of furniture in their rooms can actually purchase it, and take it home with them! Should I ever move into a larger apartment, I think the cobalt blue couch in their reception area would make for a lovely addition.

The property boasts an edible garden, which does not disappoint. Dotted with tangerine, cherry, lime, fig, apple, and olive trees, all are available to guests to enjoy. When I arrived I had fresh apples and tangerines waiting for me, along with a bottle of local wine. It was a lovely touch. Another discovery that I made during my stay: their hair conditioner is ah-mazing. It's actually the only product that was in my hair during this shoot. I highly recommend keeping some on hand: Shikai Everyday Conditioner.

→To visit: The Astro is located right off of Santa Rosa Avenue, adjacent to Julliard Park, and across the street from Dierk's Parkside Cafe at: 323 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95404, or call: 707-200-4655

Photography: Roberto Sosa, Sosatography

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