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Sonoma County has endured a lot over these past several months. The Wine Country Fires, and now the Clean Up. It hasn't been an easy time. I myself was planning to move from Petaluma in October; I had found my new home in Fountaingrove just 2 days before the fires started.

What followed was 3 weeks of not knowing what was coming next: my office in Santa Rosa was closed, and employees were commuting to Ukiah and even further up north to keep things going. The commute from Petaluma to Ukiah clocked in at close to 3 hours each way. Even in the midst of those times, I knew I was among the lucky. The firestorm was an equal opportunity destroyer, and it somehow left my new home and office completely unscathed. In both locations the flames left their mark; but both places where left standing and safe (after the manditory clean up, of course).

For nearly 2 weeks Sonoma County burned. The constant buzz of first responders, and sirens...my home felt like it was at war. And in many ways it was. It's at times like those that the brighteness of ones character can shine bright. The Astro Motel is one of the many, many businesses that stepped up to the plate.

The Astro Motel had barely finished their final rennovations when the fires struck early Monday morning. The flames quickly grew on Mark West Springs road, and swept up and through Fountaingrove, and further into the city of Santa Rosa, jumping the highway. And when news reached the Astro, they just as quickly sprang into action. Instead of a grand opening, the Motel's first guests were evacuees, and recovery effort volunteers.

I am so proud to be a part of a community such as this. I have several memories from those 2 intense weeks of the fires: and one of them is arriving to a shelter at 11am on that same Monday, with supplies and donations. Wouldn't you know; The shelter was already full. Full of supplies and voluteers, they were already diverting efforts to nearby locations. The same day that the fires had started. I remember being on the brink of tears of the selflessness and generosity of others. The Astro is a part of that, and I am too. I couldn't be more proud.

It is at times like these that Sonoma and Napa Counties need your help. Now more than ever we welcome and encourage an influx in responsible tourism. Yes, parts of this beautiful area have burned. But nature (much like my fellow county residents) is reslient, and let me tell you: Sonoma County is a stunner in the spring. Come and visit. I even have a Sonoma County Vistors Guide published to get you started!

→To visit The Astro Motel: 323 Santa Rosa Ave Santa Rosa, CA 9540 or call: 707-200-4655

Photography: Roberto Sosa, Sosatography

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