Can't believe I'm still bemoaning this

I know I've said it before: I'm jaded.
At the moment I'm content to wear nothing but jeans and sweaters; nothing else.
And, not in fashionable terms mind you.
Sometimes I just wonder how far my concept of fashion and style has been stretched.
Am I cursed to wear jeans and sweaters forever?
Will heels ever be somewhat comfortable?
Style is a personal thing, right?
I swear the pages of these magazines are telling me something different.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh honey, there is nothing wrong with choosing comfort over fashion for periods of time. ;) I think it is possible to still enjoy fashion while lounging around in jeans and a sweater. Hehe.

I know I get in this funk when I have long periods of time when there is nothing going on. Sometimes all it takes is a fabulous event for the fashion juice to get flowing! xo

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I used to feel like this but then I had to move and unpack and now I am forced to wear jeans and t-shirts. Argh...@#%!@! I don't want to get my nice clothes dirty or torn.
You will be fine, it will come back.

daisychain said...

Nothing wrong with jeans and a sweater hun,

it's all about the comfort for me x

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