What Time is it? Watch OUT!

Have you seen the new O'CLOCK watches?
These Italian design beauties are after my simplistic heart.
The uber-cool menswear site (and hopefully womenswear soon...) Steadyguy has these in stock!

How beautiful are these? Glorious shades too.
They arrive in a tin can that you peel back to open. How can one resist the: cute packaging, not a sight of Victorian beading in sight, and awesome array of colors. I'm so hooked! 

O'CLOCK watches fit like bracelets, bringing a pop of color into any outfit.
And, adding to their awesome array of accessories, don't forget to check out SteadyGuy's Brixton hats:

This would be cute with a chunky scarf and leather knee high boots. Don't you think?

Hope you all have a great Halloween!


Surgia said...

I want them ALL!

Grace said...

I'm loving that orange-red one!

Love Grace.

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