Facebook said Orange, but my heart said Green [Sequins!]

Random sequin dress found at Ross (aka awesome), Target socks, Forever 21 coat
I have been searching for a coat, parka-ish cover up like this FOR.EV.ER.(The Sandlot). I love it. Like, I love it.
This was the day before Thanksgiving - off to the grocery store to buy some last minute items (turkey for the meat-eater. Not me). Imagine the scene:
Boyfriend: "Gonna go to the grocery store - you wanna come?"
Me: "yeah, lemme put some clothes on....Ready!"
I love how this dress alternates between silver and gold in the photos (it's gold). For me it just adds to the wonderful-ness of it. I also love that it cost less than the coat. I was going to wear it on Halloween to be Diana Ross, but I think this worked out much better.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? I made the entire 6 piece meal. Stood in the kitchen from 10am-4pm (cooking!). Ate at 4:30, fell asleep at 5:16, woke at 10:20 and joined in the midnight madness at the Petaluma Outlets from 12am-3am, slept at 4:30 and worked from 12pm-9pm. Whew!

Ooh, come join me on Facebook! I tell you funny things on there. Like how my cat eats bread crust, or how I just bought the best lip color ever.


jemina said...

Love the sequin dress, it's amazing!!!


Tima said...

LOVE IT!!! I love how you put the military looking jacket with the sequin dress!! PERFECTION!!

Bows and Lavender Lips

Becky-May said...

love your coat! so cool. glad i found your blog :)




Jennifer Fabulous said...

You are so brilliant at creating cool looks. I love that sequin dress and it looks so fab with the jacket. An unexpected mix, but a delicious one, nonetheless. ;)

Grace said...

I need that dress!

Love Grace.

joelle van dyne said...

i reallly love the combo of the sparkly dress with the casual jacket! such a great outfit. ~joelle

Ashley said...

loveeee your blog!! <3 xoxo Follow me Via blogroll!!! add my blog in your list..ill add yours!!! kisses!

My Face Hunter - Latest Street Style, Editorials and Fashion Trends

Fernanda Lucila said...

That is a beautiful dress! I cannot believe you found it at Ross, such a lucky find!! Love, love, love

Fernanda Lucila

NILLA said...

wow you have so lovely clothes! =)

Mora e Bionda said...

Oh, this outfit is soo cool! Wish I could wear something like that just now... Ohh, I want this nice weather back!

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