Cherry Blossoms of Spring

Zara hat and shoes

The weather in Northern California has been a bit insane lately. One day, it's warm, clear skies and little birds singing...and today we had a "mini" (??) tornado.
How have you been my dear readers? Life for me has been a bit of a roller coaster. I now have two jobs (one is a dream job, but on commission, the other I loathe with a passion but it's hourly and commission). I have decided that I really want this blog to become the very best that it can be, and it's going to take some work (like all things worth while do). A lot of things on my plate! My head is still very much in Paris, and I am glad to say that I think the city has captured my boyfriends heart as well. I will never ever have to hear "It's just another city" from him again. [Score.]
Spring is just around the corner; Can you feel it?

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Jennifer Fabulous said...

Okay, right when I think I have already seen my favorite outfit of yours, you prove me wrong. Over and over again. ;) This dress is GORGEOUS and I love how you paired it with the reddish tights. You look amazing!! Oh, and those cherry blossoms are so pretty. Great photography here. xoxo

Dahl said...

this is sooo cute!! I love this, and the background of the cherry blossoms just completes the look :)

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

adore this! the blossom is the perfect compliment to this outfit.

Helen, X

duckalicious said...

oooohlala, the shoes look so fab!

Tima said...

Beautiful dress!! I know exactly how you feel. I landed my dream job but it was seasonal but I am still hoping I get a call from them.

Editor & Chic

Kimberly Bernardo said...

Love it! great blog :D

Rosie said...

Wow this dress is amazing! Where is it from?? I love this outfit, and the blossoms are beautiful too!

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