Junk Food Originals

 Junk food is a rare thing in my life, although I do have my weaknesses (5 Guys, anyone?).  Now thanks to my sister, I can have (or rather wear) Junk Food any day I want.

 It's loose cut, wide open sleeves and colorful design definitely make this a favorite. Now, if I only knew how to skateboard....
Come back tomorrow to see how I style it!


ravenlocks said...

This is such a cool looking T shirt! I would wear it :)

And oh my gosh...have you ever tried skateboarding? I fail every time I try...LOL! Maybe one of these days I'll get it right. I've been seeing a lot of female skateboarders lately.



MattieMo said...

it's very cool, love the color of the print :)

i've always wanted to learn how to skate 'cause it looks so awesome and fun, but never dared after seeing friends falling and breaking arms and legs :))

*Dark Angel* said...

Wearing junkfood, ha ha, I got confused first,but yeah,this tee looks comfy, will check tomorrow how you team it up!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

OMG are you gonna get SKATER on us now?!? Hahaha! ;) I love it.

I originally thought this post was going to be about actual junk food. Like, old-school junk food. I'm glad it's not because I couldn't stand the temptation. I haven't had candy/chocolate in weeks. It's gotten to the point where last night I actually had a dream that I went to the grocery store and bought an individual wrapped Little Debbie's fall cake. Yeah, that was the entire dream.


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