Weekends with GNR8N Kulture

The weekends for me are usually pretty low key. No doctor's appointments, no pressing demands, and I always look forward to having my boyfriend home. We don't see too much of each other during the week, and we often have opposing schedules. I get to sleep in, answer my emails, and hopefully see a few friends. This past weekend I was finally able to sit down and read some of the articles in the September Vogue and Elle magazines that I purchased last month!

GNR8N Kulture is a brand that I met while at the MVMNT and Pool Show at MAGIC last month. Gabrielle, the company founder and CEO and I connected well. We talked about female entrepreneurship, and how the idea of what a 'business woman' is, is starting to change. It was a fun, interesting conversation. While speaking with her I learned that aside from her brand, she also has two additional projects: Breaking the Barriers, and Shake the Ground Foundation, which are both philanthropic.

Top, pants, bracelet: c/o GRN8N Kulture // shoes: Sam Edelman // purse: vintage // glasses: Firmoo
GNR8N Kulture is a young, fun brand. It's playful in it's wording, and uses a lot of graphics in their designs. The brand is based out of Florida and is full of bright vibrant colors. When I think of GNR8N style, I think of acronyms (such as yolo), and text culture. We text everything these days! If and when I am I able to start practicing yoga again, I know that this brand will be a part of my uniform. The crop tops, racer back tees, etc all seem like they were made for people who move. These pants are usually the first thing I grab when I get home because they are so soft. (So...perhaps a little ironic that I say the clothes are made for those who are constantly moving around, whereas I wear them when I want to relax!) A well fitting, soft cotton pair of pants will always be perfect for grabbing coffee, weekend lounging...anything!

I'm sure we can all agree that the weekends never feel long enough. I often find myself trying to maximize the two days by trying to make the most of the time that I have. However I often find that I am just as tired Sunday night as I was Friday evening! I want to sleep in, but then I fear I will have wasted my morning. A big Sunday breakfast won't make itself after all!

Staying out late Friday and Saturday evenings has never been a part of my lifestyle. I think I'm too much of a homebody. I'd much rather spend it at a friends house, gathering in the kitchen with every one sharing stories and food. It just suits me better I suppose. Plus, my friends are all so talented at telling stories. Mimi can spin and animate a story like no one else can. Eve can wax poetic on religions of all kinds, and Ocean has a story for every photo that he shares. Crystal tells it like it is, and I absolutely love her for it. It's because of these friends I wish that three day weekends were the norm. Summer is slipping away, the days are getting shorter, and the nights cooler. I guess I'm trying to savor the moments...before the holiday season kicks in and every one becomes busy!

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