New Milani Fierce Foil Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss

Wearing the Milan shade

I was sent the new Milani Fierce Foil Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss for review. I had never heard of a 'foil' lip gloss, and when I heard of it I first thought of the foil nail polish wraps. When I first opened the tube and saw the product on the wand I thought 'uh oh, I might not like this'. The product looked like it might have a little too much texture on the lips as the glitter isn't fine enough to be considered a shimmer powder (such as what I see in most shimmer glosses). 

Luckily this lip gloss is actually really quite fun. It is very true to a 'foil' but not so much that it's overpowering. It's not gritty whatsoever, and it's not sticky or goopy. It glides easily onto the lips, and the consistency isn't overly thick. A little bit goes a long way; just one swipe will have you covered. The glosses are moisturizing and don't leave the lips feeling dry.

applying the Venice shade

Venice [top] and Milan [bottom]

I preferr to wear these lip glosses alone and not over any lip color. I found that if I tried to layer them over lipstick that the glitter no longer reflected light, and instead it looked like I had crumbs on my lips. The Venice shade is quite sheer and wore almost like a clear gloss; the foil flecks are certainly there, but on my lips it looked like a super shiny gloss (think MAC glass of the early 2000's). The Milan shade is more of a taupe, and gave my lips a bit of neutral color. Both are absolutely beautiful and perfect for day or night.

Overall I liked these! They aren't sticky, they didn't form a ring on the inside of my lips, and the foil flecks lasted long after the gloss wore off. If you're thinking of giving these a try you can find them at CVS starting at $4.99

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