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La vie c'est bon!

So, I was wondering if the 2nd day at the firm could possibly be topped by the first.

Turns out, it can.

SO! Today I am handed a sheet with blank shirts on it. I am told to: Design. Yup! Design shirts for the company. AH!!!!

So. Design I did. Yes, I fumbled around in Illustrated and Photoshop. And then decided to put my Fine Art training to use, and grabbed a pen instead. Freedom!! So much fun. If any of my designs make it though, and into real physical form, I'll be sure to post!

So I was a bit high on life about that.

But then comes the question, "Would you be willing to model?" What? "There's a TV special on nest Wednesday on _____ and we need a model to show off the clothing while Molly is interviewed" AHHAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! "What's it for?" "A fashion show."

So, yes, I'll be there. And I will be recieving a copy of it when it airs. I'll post. Promise!

Oh - and I scored free clothes today!!!!

Sigh. C'est bon.
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