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One of my favorite new discoveries at WWDMAGIC was the WearMena brand. Misty Rose (how perfect is her name?!) instantly intrigued me when her husband walked up to my mother and I offering us homemade cookies. It struck my curiosity because rarely do you see that: home baked goods at such a large public event. It's funny how such a small act (although they were cut out cookies with jam centers, so really no small act) can tell you so much about a person. 

The cookies were individually wrapped in celphane, tied with a ribbon and a card. Now, I know you must be wondering: Amber, how hungry were you? You keep talking about the cookies and not the clothes! Simple question with a two part answer: One, I was very hungry. I was currently running on black coffee and an avocado smoothie from 7am, and it was past 1pm. But secondly and perhaps more important, what type of person bakes that many cookies (and not just any cookie mind you; each cookie involved 2 cookie cutters!), individually wraps them, and hands them out with a smile? 
 A perfectionist.

I hope Misty Rose doesn't take offense when I say "perfectionist", because I mean it in the most honorable sense. Looking through her designs I saw unapologetic femininity in the lace, prints, and shapes of her dresses. Dresses that make you want to tuck a flower behind your ear when you wear them. WearMena makes you feel like every detail has been paid attention to, because it has. The Ellen Dress is the perfect example: the lace detailing just below the shoulder adds an element of sex appeal, while the contrast waist panels nip in the figure creating an hourglass. The subtle mixing of patterns (florals and stripes) picks up on a trend, however the dress itself is a classic. It's perfection in that it's undeniably feminine, but not to the point that you forget WearMena is for women. There is a strength to her designs. There is an urban touch that gives off a tough-girl attitude: it can be seen in her darker florals and black mesh necklines. Perhaps the phrase on her site says it best: "Femininity and feminism aren't mutually exclusive" And with that, I only have one question to ask: Misty, can we be BFFs?

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