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WWDMAGIC Day 3 & Cobb Hill Shoes

My super cool new sunglasses curteous of Kameleonz. I will be spotlighting them next week!
 Our third and final day at WWDMAGIC we went to the MVMNT and POOLTRADESHOW at the Mandalay Bay. I loved it. The MVMNT show is where the urban / high street brands are. The two shows are in the same conference room, and are much smaller than the venues at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It's hard to describe the vibe of the two shows...On one side you have the super cool urban hip-hop/tattoo artists/creative artists turned designers (and "turned" isn't even the right term: rather they do it all), and then at the POOL show, you have the yoga, holistic, chill-vibe brands. Basically, it's the cool kids show. You know, the group of people you wished you were a part of in high school. Only, there aren't any cliques and every one is friendly and incredibly approachable. It's awesome.
I loved his shirt! 
Pictured above: Chris Collins, president of Steadfast Brand; a clothing company that seeks to breakdown the barriers of tattoo culture, and feature tattoo artists! His shirt says "Tattooed and Employed". A veteran of the MAGIC shows, he was really cool to talk to.

Le Monstre Clothing: a brand based out of Canada. It is run by two brothers; Amaan handles the business aspect, and his brother Rahmaan is the artist who creates the designs. Cool story? They met Warren Buffet and he wore one of their hats! Second cool story? Rahmaan painted a portrait of Floyd Mayweather, and then Mayweather came and got it.

A couple of the guys from the brand Godspeed. They design the most amazing leather jackets (the purple one above is theirs). Want to hear a story? Well, while we were talking about the coat, I asked if I could take photos. "Sure!" they all chimed. I snapped one with them all smiling, and then kept taking photos. I smiled and told them I was trying to get a candid. Immediately they all started reaching for something. One guy grabbed a line sheet, another his phone, another his tablet...and one guy kinda looked at his jeans. It was hard not to giggle watching them try to look 'busy'. It worked though! You wouldn't know that the photo above wasn't a true candid.

Studio Penny Lane
This brand had the coolest "booth" out of all of the shows. It was an actual 1970's airstream trailer, complete with lights!
The concept and message of Studio Penny Lane is beautiful. The story of what eventually brought it to life is heartbreaking. The concept of Studio Penny Lane is cultivate mindful change, and gratitude. The penny is incorporated into each of their designs to remind us of "hope, gratitude, personal freedom, liberty and abundance." The founder Laurie Libman-Wilson was also a TEDx speaker!

-- Cobb Hill Shoes --

Karen and me
Cobb Hill Shoes is a brand that I actually discovered at MAGIC. They reached out through Twitter and invited me to visit their showroom. I'm so glad that they did! Did you know that they are part of the New Balance brand family? I didn't! Their brand is based out of Boston, MA, and focuses on comfortable shoes that use beautiful leathers, hand stitched details, and vintage inspired brass ware. For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you will know that they sent me the most gorgeous pair of boots! I cannot wait to start styling them for fall. Thank you so much to Karen and the whole Cobb Hill team for having me!

My last shot of WWDMAGIC

model Marisa Bryant werking that dress! Find her at @risamg on Instagram 

And there you have it loves!! WWDMAGIC!! Of course, I'm not entirely finished yet, as I have some really cool posts coming up of new brands that I will be working with such as Willow & Clay, Ducks in a Row, Kameleonz, GNR8N Kulture, Cobb Hill Shoes, and WearMena!

Want tips on attending WWDMAGIC week? That's my next post!

PS  - it's my birthday tomorrow!!
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