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Blogger Tips for Attending WWDMAGIC

Attending WWDMAGIC in Las Vegas is a whirlwind of excitement, discovery, and if we're being honest, a little overwhelming. However, it's overwhelming in the very best possible way. If you are looking for tips and advice on attending WWDMAGIC, I've got some great ones for you below the jump!
Initiate conversations
Once you know for sure that you will be attending WWDMAGIC, starting reaching out to brands. Reach out to your favorite ones that you already know and love, and also do a bit of research to discover and find similar ones that match your style. Reach out through Twitter, Instagram, etc, and send off a personal email. There's about a 40% chance you will get a reply (at least from my experience). If you don't hear back from a brand, don't get discouraged! This is a busy, frantic time for everyone. Even if you don't hear back, be sure to stop by the booth to say hi. I did, and I often heard "Hi Amber! I'm so happy you came. It's been insane!" Also - this is a good time to reach out to your fellow bloggers as well.

Plan ahead, but leave time open
If you're like me, you like to have a plan when going somewhere new. Brands will often want to schedule you in at a specific time to stop by the booth. This is important for them, because the main reason they are at MAGIC is to work one on one with buyers. Always do your best to work around their schedule. With that said, leave yourself gaps of time between appointments. Especially if the appointments are at separate venues! A bonus is that there are also little golf carts that will whisk you between the Central/North and South hall.

Use the Shuttles
I used to live in Las Vegas, so I automatically know that all the hotels on the strip offer free parking. However the first morning my mother and I ended up paying for parking because we parked at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you are driving, make things easy on yourself and park at the Mandalay Bay, and use the free MAGIC shuttle!

Download the MAGIC app
There is a new app put out for every season, so be sure to scan your app store and download the free app. You can create a profile, as well as look up the booth number of venues, get maps, schedules and set alerts!

Don't try to carry it all
MAGIC is huge. It takes up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as both upstairs and downstairs of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. I planned ahead and bought a little carry-on sized 360 wheeling suitcase. I packed my entra camera lenses, shoes (heels for photos only!), extra bottles of water, and snack bars. Try to remember to pack food as you can easily forget to eat, and food/drinks can be expensive. The wheeler also came in handy for all the bags and goodies that were passed out at the booths! Also, you will do a lot of walking - pack a good pair of walking shoes!

Always ask first
When entering a booth always introduce yourself, and why you're there. Your lanyards will be color coded depending on whether you're a buyer, vender, or media. However, mistakes can happen at registration (my mother was registered as a vendor). Some vendors won't be familiar with blogging, and will ask for a card. Some will ask that you not take photos. Other will allow photos, but ask that you not publish them until a certain date. Please always respect the vendors requests! 

Bring cards, but give them out wisely
Before I left to Las Vegas, my boyfriend teased me by saying I was going to "make it rain" with my cards. Nope! If you pass our your cards to anyone and everyone, they won't remember you. However if you make a genuine connection with someone, make sure you exchange cards. 

Breathe, Smile, and have Fun!!
If you are like me you sometimes get nervous, or get a bout of anxiety when approaching a new situation or an overly large area. Don't stress yourself out about it! Instead, recognize that it sometimes happens, and try your best to plan ahead. Practice your triangle breathing, download the Calm.com app, and know that you will be fine. It's a lot of fun getting to attend MAGIC, and it will really give you an insiders look into the world of fashion and retail. There are daily fashion shows to attend, seminars, discussion panels, after parties, meet and greets, and so much more!! Just remember to stay present, stay alert, and you will have so much fun!

Still have questions? Leave me a comment below and I will be sure to answer it as best I can!
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