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Solomomo Skin Wand Review

As enthusiastic as I am about skincare, I often find myself wondering if all my magical potions and supplements are working. As someone who is willing to shell out a decent amount of cash for higher end skincare products (after a hefty amount of online research of course), I also expect that the product I am spending my hard earned money on to deliver results. Sure, I think I see and feel a difference, but is there really? I'll admit to curling up in front of the bathroom mirror (that's what all that counter space is for, right?) and giving my skin a good looking over. Of course doing so usually results in the conclusion that I am now in need of more magical potions, so it's an interesting predicament to be in.

When Cindy of Solomomo reached out to me and introduced me to the Solomomo Skin Wand, I was curious. The Solomomo Skin Wand is a personalized skincare tool, comprised of 12 cameras, dozens of specialized light sources, and two custom sensors to both harmlessly and painlessly collect specific pieces of information about the skin more so than any previous device, medical or otherwise. Basically, it gets down into the nitty gritty of your skins health, pore size, moisture levels, and sun spots, takes tally on what's good, what needs improvement, and will create a custom report for your skin allowing you to customize your skincare needs. Now, tell me that's not amazing!

Of course, I needed to know: was that 50 SPF really protecting my skin against sun damage? Were those sheet masks really adding ample moisture levels to my skin? Was I over exfoliating with my Clairsonic? I needed to know the answers to these questions, and Solomomo was there to get them answered. Built with the latest sensor technology, the Solomomo Skin Wand is able to track my skin over time, and improve personalized product recommendations. It even has the ability to pinpoint  ingredients within skincare products that are causing breakouts, and show how treatments like Botox or fillers would look on me, should I choose to get them.

When the Solomomo Skin Wand arrived, I immediately plugged it in and was ready to get to work. The device is similar to an iPad in size, and has a light weight wand attached with a cord. Upon starting the program on the device, I was guided on where to first place the wand on my skin, with about 15 areas to scan total. It was fascinating (and a little weird) to see my skin so up close. From beginning to end the process took about 4 minutes. Once my report was complete, I immediately went rouge and started my own 'freelance examination'. I wanted to scan and see if I had sun damage. Of course, the report would also provide this information, but I also wanted to check out parts of my face that weren't part of the guided exam... Like my eyelashes for example. And my scalp. And my eyebrows. Hair follicles look cray under a microscope.

So how did my report come out? Moisture levels were great, though I was starting to have some hyper-pigmentation come through (which I kinda already knew). My pores were on the smaller side (yay!), and no fine lines to speak of. Phew. However now armed with the knowledge that I  needed to step up my efforts against my hyper-pigmentation, I knew it was time to start researching more effective products.

Basically the Solomomo Skin Wand is my best friend. I don't know how - or why, I would ever purchase a skincare product without it. It's like having a crystal ball in my bathroom for personalized skincare. No longer do I need to read confusing ingredient labels, when the Solomomo can tell me what products I need, which ingredients work best for my skin, etc.

Did I mention the price? I bet you're thinking that this magical wand, one that reads skin, and tells you where and how to improve your skincare routine costs about a million dollars. Nope! It's currently on pre-order special for $99. I know. That's less than some of the skincare products currently sitting on my counter! That's one and a half bottles of high-end foundation.

I see this as being a solid skincare staple in my beauty regimen. As someone who likes to invest wisely in what I purchase, and who spends a considerate amount of time researching products before bringing them home, I like having the ability to see first hand whether or not a product is performing the way it says it will. It brings a peace of mind knowing that I can purchase a skincare product and know exactly what I need and expect it to do!

To get your own Solomomo, and to review the product video and read their FAQ section, follow the pre-order link here.

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