Haunting Obessed

Mwhahahaha bigger photos!!

I found this editorial in Muse the other day, and the very first photo (at the top) just knocked me off my feet. Pure perfection. Natasha, my dear you are lovely. I am going to go put some sequins on my lips.

Happy Halloween! Do you guys have any plans?


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Stunning photos. They took my breath away...
I am so excited for Halloween! I have a few parties to attend, which should be fun. I hope you have a fabulous Halloween!

lancelonie said...

love the eerie feel
Have a fabulous Halloween! :)

Kelly & Tracy said...

creepy, yet amazing photos!

jack bespoke said...

love this editorial! poly. wow.


janettaylor said...

GOrgeous photos!


Kelly & Tracy said...

annndd to answer your question, I'm going as Amelia Earhart, and Kelly's a flapper girl. Jelly fish, right? Is that going to be an actual costume, or a pink/purple ensemble of creatively-coordinated, jelly-fish-like clothes?!

(oh, pink/purple tights... that sounds magnificent!)


Tatiana Landim said...

loved the first photo. the ideia of the sequins "lipistick" with the editorial theme was good. liked the post!

La Chauve-Souris said...

this is like one of my favourite editorial spooky great

M. and O. said...

love this photos(l)
News on Daily-Women, the blog of two french Olivia & Mariam, come on :)
Have a good day!


Marian said...

these are abso-freaking-lutely fab! amazing,so stunning.
thanks so much for sharing

Tenny said...

love love love these!

thalialouise said...

she looks so good here even with those freaky eyes ! love natasha !! these are some amazing photos thanks so much... love the pink jewels on the lips too. so coool

Zanita said...

SOOOOO amazing. Thanks for posting.

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