My Super Bowl Sunday

Don't worry girl, forgetting a few lines is something we've all done.
Jeans and a tank.
Great company, wonderful weather, homemade crackers, and wine from a fellow classmate's winery.
Kept it simple.


Ms. Givens said...

Simple sounds so nice. We have a ton of snow and ice and nothing is simple right now.

Alma said...

Beautiful pictures! It's like taking part ( a bit) of your life.

Tima said...

It wasnt the first time someone flubbed those lines and it wont be the last.

Editor & Chic

Bluefemme said...

Nice pictures! I heard about Christina everywhere today!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You inspire me. You really do. :) Your words regarding my book really motivated me. And it just reinforced how much we have in common. Wow. Thank you for making my day a little brighter!

Oh, and I completely agree with you about Christina. I can't even imagine having to sing such an important song in front of the entire world...

Blicious said...

sound like a lovely weekend!


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