Late Afternoon

Hat, jeans, and heels (dafuq?!): F21 // Top: Anthropologie [and as of recent, on sale!!]

Julliard Park in Santa Rosa is a beautiful green space in central downtown. Unfortunately it can be a bit unwelcoming at times due to those camping out on benches or screaming obscenities across the park. Interestingly enough, it's that atmosphere that also adds to it's charm: while shooting these photos a man pulled up in a white, unmarked van, flung the doors open and bumped Bob Marley while just...staring in our direction. It was awesome. I tried waving but he didn't seem too thrilled. 
Someone who was thrilled however, was Hanu the Friendly Dog.  She and I became instant besties due to the fact that I was willing to play fetch. At my previous job I often had the privilege of playing with dogs, and it was something that I always looked forward to (and often miss). Playing with Hanu was such a joy - you can tell when animals are truly happy, and this girl was so content with her world.
 Happy weekend everyone! 
Photos: Sosatography 

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