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white Banana Republic chiffon blouse worn with black Spanx jeans

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white Banana Republic chiffon blouse worn with black Spanx jeans
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I wore this outfit to celebrate an event that my company's creative ad agency was hosting.  It was a surreal night for me; I had always wanted to work for the company, and now I was attending one of their events by direct invitation. Not only that, but I am now in contact with them on a nearly daily basis as a result of my employer being one of their clients. It was a fun night; It was a Las Vegas/gambling themed evening with each guest having a budget of $1,000 play money to gamble away at the tables, and an open bar. There was also the most decadent dessert bar I had ever seen. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that it was quite the evening! 

For the event, I chose to keep my outfit simple; black and white, with a bit of edge. I liked how my Spanx waxed jeans and moto jacket played up the toughness factor, while my Banana Republic ruffle blouse provided a delicate and feminine touch. Basics and wardrobe staples don't have to be boring, and I like how each piece in this outfit provides endless pairing possibilities with other items in my closet. A bonus: the ruffles on the chiffon blouse flutter like butterfly wings when I walk ☺

While at the event I was approached by a reader who introduced herself, telling me that her husband had introduced her to my blog. I have been approached by readers before, and it always makes me feel so special. Sometimes I feel like I am putting posts out into the universe without knowing who reads it, what they think, or if they will ever return. It's always nice to get some positive reinforcement from a real live person, rather than relying solely on Google Analytics!

My new Goo.ey iPhone case is one of my new staple items; this particular design was done in collaboration with Sophia Webster (love her!). What makes it so special aside from the super cute and cartoon-ish design, is that it is made from a material that will stick to any glass, metal, vinyl, or smooth plastic surface. Don't worry; it won't stick to your hands. No more awkward arm protruding from the corner of your photo in your selflies with friends - simply stick it to a smooth surface (such as a window or mirror), set your timer, and pose. One thing though; make sure that your case has been wiped down before attempting to attach it to a surface. Oils from your hands, or lint from your pocket or purse will prevent the case from maintaining its staying power - and you don't want your phone to fall! And a tip: carry some disinfectant wipes with you so you may wipe down your phone after sticking it to a surface (think about it). 

 Happy Thursday!

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