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First Sunset in Paris

My first day in Paris was a long one; I had taken a red eye flight from Charlotte, and arrived just in time to see the sunrise. I watched my favorite city wake up, and then wind down as the day came to a close. Shortly after these photos were taken my photographer and I were caught in a rainstorm, and I remembered in an instant why Paris will always be my favorite place to be. There is a beauty that can be found in a warm Parisian summer rain.

Drenched, I ran through the cobblestone streets in my pale pink lace dress and waterproof Cobb Hill Caroline boots. (I always pack of pair of Cobb Hills while traveling; they are so comfortable to wear that I know I will never regret bringing them for explorations around the city!) Riding the metro home, no one gave me a second glance. It would seem that the romance of lace and an unexpected downpour are the norm in the City of Lights. So much of my Parisian experience is made up of beautiful little moments that no Snapchat or Instagram will ever be able to capture. I find beauty in being able to keep those little secret moments all to myself.

When I travel I like to bring a single scent or perfume with me; scent is a powerful memory trigger, and for this trip I chose 0Point2, a unisex scent that is rich and warm. It blossoms as it is worn, deepening as time goes on. I would spritz the fragrance on my pillow before falling asleep; the thought process being that when I was no longer in my city, I could spray the perfume and be immediately transported back "home". 

It's amazing what memories our brains associate with certain scents; the rich smell of leather reminds me of long walks in the cool autumn breeze, and the kicking of dry leaves. I have a bronzer by Estée Lauder that reminds me of a summer class spent abroad, and I have a lipstick that has a scent containing a hint of lime that makes me think of SoHo, New York. These items quickly become sentimental to me - making them favorites for reasons that are often hard to explain...But I think that's all part of the experience, all part of life's little joys!

Photos by Jennifer Wang Photography 
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