Doing the Dishes [a short film]

While calling this a short film certainly gives this video a few more airs than it needs, I can't resist the fun temptation to call it such. This is a short film that my sister and I worked on while I was visiting my grandfather in AZ for Christmas. I had been wanting to do a short video for a while - and this was definately inspired by true life. I hate doing the dishes! I am always trying to find ways to avoid them, and I finally found the perfect (and positive) way to approach the chore.
I hope you enjoy!

Words cannot express just how kind you have been in regards to my last post. Many of you sent out private e-mails, some requested my telephone number...just to reach out and lend a kind word. I am honestly so humbled by how kind and understanding you have been. I wish I knew how to say thank you in a way that truly expressed the amount of gratitude that I feel. Thank you so much, the words you have shared with me means a lot; more than you know.


J. said...

Ummm...I'd love to see your short film but all I see is a black square, no arrow for play...Is it my computer? It could me!

BiKé said...

That was so cute. Love the dance steps. :-)

Jill said...

Cute video!! I love to dance doing all kinds of chores :)

I was sad to read your last post. I hope you'll be feeling like your old self again soon! Don't be afraid to relax, regroup and do things you love and take your time. I find myself feeling down/sad a lot more too lately since my Gram died. I'm always here if you want to chat too of course!


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